Machine Shop


While our focus is materials testing, MES maintains a highly automated full service machine shop for rapid test coupon processing on-site.

Our high technology machine shop provides a clean, temperature controlled environment that includes machinery for high volume production, including: CNC lathes, CNC mills, surface grinders, automated TensilKuts, and notching stations. Additionally, the MES machine shop utilizes a reverse flow air handling system for containing debris and fumes for effective machining of composite and polymeric materials. Our machine shop is air conditioned to maintain a constant temperature year-round.


All of our test specimens are machined on-site, eliminating delays due to third party machining. Our focus on precision results in superior tolerances, and ultimately, superior test results.

In addition to machining standard specimens to ASTM, ISO, MIL, AWS, and ASME specifications, MES can produce sub-sized specimens and custom machined fixtures for testing finished parts and odd geometries. Additionally, we offer in-house welding capabilities for custom fabrication.

We have machining staff and equipment to quickly prepare test specimens, including daily preparation of the following:

  • Single Edge Bend (SEB)

  • Rotating Beam Fatigue

  • Weld Qualification

  • Charpy V-Notch Impact

  • Izod Impact

  • Torsion

  • Flat Tensile

  • Round Tensile

  • Round Compression

  • Face, Root, & Side Bend

  • Stress Corrosion Cracking

  • Metallographic Analysis

  • Chemical Analysis